A Very Pittsfield Players Christmas

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3 Dates Through Dec 10, 2023

It's that wonderful time of year again when we gather to celebrate the joy and enchantment of the holiday season. And guess what? The Pittsfield Players are all set to immerse you in a heartwarming and unforgettable Christmas experience with our spectacular production, "A Very Pittsfield Players Christmas."

This year, we're bringing you not one, but TWO captivating acts that will transport you into a world of merriment and wonder.

Act One: "The Little Match Girl"

Prepare to be moved by the poignant tale of "The Little Match Girl." Witness her journey through the cold city streets as she encounters magical moments and discovers the true meaning of compassion, love, and hope. This fully staged one-act production will tug at your heartstrings and remind us all of the importance of kindness during this special time.

Act Two: A Festive Christmas Extravaganza!

We're turning up the festive spirit in Act Two! Brace yourself for a dazzling showcase filled with sparkling lights, joyful songs, and plenty of laughter. Our talented cast will bring you a variety of delightful Christmas-themed performances that will leave you feeling merry all around. Get ready to sing along, laugh out loud, and embrace the holiday cheer like never before!

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